• TL:DR? Watch this video instead :) Now more than ever a blog is essential for any business. I have written previously about how your customers are using the internet for all manner of tasks. You can learn just about anything online now, book everything online, order all manner of services, you can even design custom fabric and get a pattern printed directly onto it and sent to you to sew. You can probably hire someone to sew it for you too! How do customers and clients find the products, services or contractors that they want? They use search and they use social referrals or finds. Think about your last five online purchases: what prompted you to purchase? When you think

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  • Thanks for booking an appointment with OnlineHub.ie. You will receive a confirmation email shortly and a reminder email 24 hours before your appointment. If you have any queries in the meantime please contact me, Roseanne, at roseanne@onlinehub.ie. I'm looking forward to our chat!

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  • OnlineHub.ie exists to provide online marketing advice, service and support to Irish organisations and businesses.To this end I provide expertise in online marketing trends and developments. I deliver top quality online marketing projects in a timely and cost effective manner. With over 15 years experience in creating systems to gather, organise, review, catergorise and disseminate content, my particular specialism is content strategy.I will work with you to create an online strategy based on your own business plan. This flexible online strategy will develop in tandem with your business.Your strategy will enable ownership of your online space, an online hub. It will allow you to engage with stakeholders on the ever-shifting social networks with confidence and finesse.Whether you are dipping your toes

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  • My customers don't use the internet This blog post is my entry to Congregation 2015, a social media gathering that takes place in Cong, Co. Mayo in Ireland every year. This year it is happening on November 28th and has expanded to become a three day gathering where social media professionals come together to share their experience, ideas, hacks and war stories in the beautiful surrounds of Cong. The cost of entry to the event is a blog post which is published on Congregation.ie. I've previously written about my favourite WordPress Plugins and promoted posts. I was talking to an acquaintance recently who had just completed a half-day course on blogging. He felt it was a waste of time. He

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  • This is an online marketing case study that reviews a project that was initiated in 2013. A large phase of the project went live in May 2015. This case study examines the steps taken during that time. The Client: Eureka Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic service started in 2005 by Aileen Convery, a qualified physiotherapist and former Olympic Swimmer. While Eureka Hydrotherapy offers a range of therapeutic services, antenatal hydrotherapy has become a specialised area for Convery. The issue: Convery was conscious that a massive change had occurred in her market’s use of online in the 10 years since she had set up her business. The existing brochure site and her use of other communications tools needed to be re-evaluated in

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