• TL:DR? Watch this video instead :) Now more than ever a blog is essential for any business. I have written previously about how your customers are using the internet for all manner of tasks. You can learn just about anything online now, book everything online, order all manner of services, you can even design custom fabric and get a pattern printed directly onto it and sent to you to sew. You can probably hire someone to sew it for you too! How do customers and clients find the products, services or contractors that they want? They use search and they use social referrals or finds. Think about your last five online purchases: what prompted you to purchase? When you think

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  • Thanks for booking an appointment with OnlineHub.ie. You will receive a confirmation email shortly and a reminder email 24 hours before your appointment. If you have any queries in the meantime please contact me, Roseanne, at roseanne@onlinehub.ie. I'm looking forward to our chat!

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  • OnlineHub.ie exists to provide online marketing advice, service and support to Irish organisations and businesses.To this end I provide expertise in online marketing trends and developments. I deliver top quality online marketing projects in a timely and cost effective manner. With over 15 years experience in creating systems to gather, organise, review, catergorise and disseminate content, my particular specialism is content strategy.I will work with you to create an online strategy based on your own business plan. This flexible online strategy will develop in tandem with your business.Your strategy will enable ownership of your online space, an online hub. It will allow you to engage with stakeholders on the ever-shifting social networks with confidence and finesse.Whether you are dipping your toes

    May 20,
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  • I have recently returned from a 3 week break. We drove from Dublin to the French Mediterranean coast with a little help from Irish Ferries. Most of our holidays are camping holidays. When I say camping, I mean actual camping with tent pegs and ground sheets and guys and all that jazz. Like all types of holidays, it has its pros and cons. One of the major pros, in my opinion, is the lack of electricity. We did cheat a little on the Mediterranean, this year, and rent a fridge. This meant we had electricity. However I stuck to my guns, allowing my phone to run down, only charging it in the car when directions and audio books were needed.

    Aug 13,
    - by Roseanne
  • Do I have to write blog posts, update Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the latest social fad (SnapChat? Gawd halp us!) and keep a website updated? Roseanne considers this question in this blog post and offers some advice for how to manage your media. I was in the garden a good while back, having a coffee break. My neighbour Bob has 138 homing pigeons; he breeds them. They really are kind of amazing. For example, they are so attuned to "home" that they only perch on Bob's roof. It is rare that any of them even put a toe across the completely imaginary boundary between our house and Bob's. Talk about targeted! I was thinking that the reason Bob's pigeons exist is

    Mar 01,
    - by Roseanne
  • If you are serious about making the most of your website and using content and inbound marketing to generate sales or leads you will have to get organised. A content calendar is a great first step to get you on the right track. If you are lucky enough to be responsible for content marketing and nothing else in your organisation you are no doubt already doing this. However, most of my clients and most small to medium businesses have to add responsibility for online to the myriad tasks they already perform, spanning many business functions. In this case it is even more essential to be organised and a publishing calendar will allow you to gain control and manage your time effectively. Read my five

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