• TL:DR? Watch this video instead :) Now more than ever a blog is essential for any business. I have written previously about how your customers are using the internet for all manner of tasks. You can learn just about anything online now, book everything online, order all manner of services, you can even design custom fabric and get a pattern printed directly onto it and sent to you to sew. You can probably hire someone to sew it for you too! How do customers and clients find the products, services or contractors that they want? They use search and they use social referrals or finds. Think about your last five online purchases: what prompted you to purchase? When you think

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  • Thanks for booking an appointment with OnlineHub.ie. You will receive a confirmation email shortly and a reminder email 24 hours before your appointment. If you have any queries in the meantime please contact me, Roseanne, at roseanne@onlinehub.ie. I'm looking forward to our chat!

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  • OnlineHub.ie exists to provide online marketing advice, service and support to Irish organisations and businesses.To this end I provide expertise in online marketing trends and developments. I deliver top quality online marketing projects in a timely and cost effective manner. With over 15 years experience in creating systems to gather, organise, review, catergorise and disseminate content, my particular specialism is content strategy.I will work with you to create an online strategy based on your own business plan. This flexible online strategy will develop in tandem with your business.Your strategy will enable ownership of your online space, an online hub. It will allow you to engage with stakeholders on the ever-shifting social networks with confidence and finesse.Whether you are dipping your toes

    May 20,
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  • My take aways from #measurement16, an annual conference run by Mulley Communications on the thorny issue of measuring online. A quick post to share some of the wisdom I garnered at this year's MeasurementConf. This annual conference does exactly what it says on the tin, focusing entirely on measuring the efficacy of online campaigns. This year the majority of presentations were from businesses at the coal face: practitioners of online marketing who are responsible for online or social within their own company. They don't work for an agency, they aren't trying to sell a product or a service to the audience, they are simply sharing their experience. Unfortunately, I was unable to stick around for the afternoon but if I

    May 26,
    - by Roseanne
  • Last week I spent two mornings at what may be the last ever Dublin Web Summit. I was gifted a ticket by Pauline Sargent for my work on DigiWomen. I didn't know I was going until last week so I didn't have or need to have a specific objective to fulfil while there. Last year when we were there Pauline and I, with our DigiWomen hats on, had a very specific agenda around raising awareness about gender balance at tech conferences. As we were working the floor, getting as many responses as possible to our survey we suffered terribly from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This year we didn't have a particular objective, although Pauline had some "responsibilities" as a Pub Crawl

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