Services exists to provide online marketing advice, service and support to Irish organisations and businesses.

To this end I provide expertise in online marketing trends and developments. I deliver top quality online marketing projects in a timely and cost effective manner. With over 15 years experience in creating systems to gather, organise, review, catergorise and disseminate content, my particular specialism is content strategy.


I will work with you to create an online strategy based on your own business plan. This flexible online strategy will develop in tandem with your business.

Your strategy will enable ownership of your online space, an online hub. It will allow you to engage with stakeholders on the ever-shifting social networks with confidence and finesse.

Whether you are dipping your toes in the virtual water for the first time or you have dived right in but need to come up for air, OnlineHub can offer creative solutions for marketing and selling your goods and services online in line with your resources and capabilities. Online Hub can create an interactive space that will allow you to engage with your customers and to develop an understanding of their online behaviours. This space will enable you to measure the return on your investment in online.

My main objective for you is that your online confidence and your online business will grow, leaving you with more resources to focus on what really matters to you.

Our services:

  • Build and deliver modern, engaging websites.
  • Develop online marketing strategies including content, social media and online advertising strategies.
  • Manage and track online marketing campaigns.
  • Create and deliver compelling email marketing.
  • Set up and maintain business email under your own domain.
  • Management of Domain registration and hosting.
  • Analytic reports for all online marketing activities reviewed and interpreted.

Contact me today  at or 087 222 3614 or fill out the handy form below.