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What do you get with the Platinum Pay Annually Plan?

2 blog posts per month will write two 500 word blog posts for your site every month while you are subscribed to this plan. This content will be informed by your company’s online marketing strategy and customer persona. It will be optimised for search based on your analytics to date. With long-tail keywords included this content will remain evergreen as long as your product or service is available. This content will engage your ideal customer, creating feelings of trust in your brand, product or service and providing timely, useful content during their journey to conversion. The post will include imagery that your company has developed or stock imagery as appropriate.
Example: REST cures all ills: science says so

4 social media updates

Using the content developed above and curated from across the web, four updates will be produced for your company’s preferred social networks. They will be developed with a specific business objective and customer persona in mind. The updates will be accompanied by arresting imagery and a strong call to action. All URLs will be unique to allow monitoring and analysis.
Example: The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth Theatre

1 newsletter send

Each month will craft an attractive branded newsletter for your company. This will be entertaining, useful or informative or an appropriate mix of all three. It will contain strong calls to action that ensure a frictionless experience for your readers whether they are on mobile or desktop while reading. The newsletters will engage customers and assist them in their purchase decisions. Valuable data will be collected on readers’ preferences which can be used for future content. If a montly newsletter is too frequent, recipient lists can be segmented and addressed on alternating months.

Example: Jazz on the Terrace 35th Anniversary Celebration Series 42% Open Rate

1 Advertising Campaign

An advertising campaign will be developed for your company with a specific business objective in mind. Depending on the chosen platform, imagery or video will be used in conjunction with persuasive copy that appeals to your customer persona. Platform and delivery will be based on customer habits. All results will be regularly monitored and tweaked to ensure strong performance.
This campaign EXCLUDES the cost of the advertising plus VAT.

Quarterly performance report and analysis

Delivered by email. This will detail objectives, actions and results for each of the above activities and will help you decide how best to manage your online marketing.