profile_square300x300OnlineHub.ie is me,  Roseanne Smith. My mission is to help your organisation to thrive online. I chose the name OnlineHub for my company because I believe that every business should have an online hub. If you create an online hub for your business, an online space where you manage the look and substance of that space, you can maintain it and manage it to respond to any changes to computed algorithms or human fads.

I will help you create a smart and easy to use online hub. I will help you make it interesting to your stakeholders. I will ensure that all the resources that you spend on that site have measurable outcomes. In five years time or less I hope you will know that your online hub has been so successful that you are ready to step it up a notch, be that by recruiting a staff member to manage it or through trading up to a more powerful site.

I specialise in content strategy which encompasses all visible aspects of your website and how you choose to syndicate that content across appropriate content channels for your brand. I am an experienced online marketer with expertise in SEO, online advertising, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and other more specialised online and mobile platforms.

Due to my work with the Irish Internet Association and Prosperity Recruitment I have worked with some outstanding digital professionals and can recommend other service providers should the scope of your project require same.

I work with small to medium organisations or autonomous product groups within larger organisations. My projects include strategy development and execution, content development and delivery and consultation, training and mentoring.

I look forward to helping you thrive online with your own OnlineHub!

Please feel free to contact me at roseanne@onlinehub.ie or 087 222 3614. Or you can use this handy form.

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