Introduction to Wordpress – Build and Grow your own site

Sep 02, 2019

19.30-21.00 | Mondays | 10 weeks | Rathmines College

Have you ever wanted to set up your own website? Would you like to learn a new skill? Would you like to meet a group of people who also want to do this? Then we have just the thing for you!

In this 10 week classroom based course you will learn all about WordPress, a content management system that powers some 25% of the world’s websites. Originally developed as a blogging platform, WordPress is much, much more than that and allows anyone to start a website on any topic under the sun or beyond!

Learn how to use WordPress in 10 weeks
Learn how to use WordPress in 10 weeks

Roseanne Smith, founder, will begin teaching Introduction to WordPress on Monday 16th September 2019 at 19.30 in Rathmines College as part of their evening programme of short part-time courses . The college handle registrations and the fee is €95.00

You must visit Rathmines College to register. It’s the building with the clock tower on Rathmines Road (you can’t miss it)

You can register for the Autumn 2019 term on the following dates:

  • Monday 2 September 5.30 – 8pm
  • Tuesday 3 September 5.30 – 8pm
  • Monday 9 September 5.30 – 8pm
  • Tuesday 10 September 5.30 – 8pm

Registration for our Introduction to Digital Marketing & Business also taking place. Click here for more details.

Course details below. Any questions? Contact us here or on Twitter or Facebook.

More information from Rathmines College (PDF)

Course requirements:

Access to a Desktop computer or laptop is essential. 

There may be additional fees for online services such as hosting & subscriptions.

Week 1:

What is WordPress and why should I use it?

Learning Outcomes: Understanding of the possibilities of WordPress but also the limits. 

Week 2:

What is your WordPress site for? Basic UX & Navigation & customer persona

Learning Outcomes: Understand your customer and how they will interact with your site

Week 3:

Hello World! Installation & set up and tour

Learning Outcomes: Set up a very basic WordPress site. Understand the layout and functions of the interface

Week 4:

Choosing a theme, installing and customising it

Learning outcomes: Develop a framework to help you choose a design, install and customise your theme.

Week 5:

Where do I put this information? Pages and posts

Learning outcomes: Create content for the web. Understand the difference between posts and pages on your site.

Week 6:

Worth a thousand words: add media to your content

Learning outcomes: Source and add image, audio and video to a WordPress Site. 

Week 7:

Hook me up! Adding plugins to your WordPress site

Learning outcomes: Develop a framework to assess plugins. Add and set-up plugins

Week 8:

Still haven’t found what I’m looking for:Search Engine Optimisation, the extreme basics 

Learning outcomes: Understand the basics of SEO and why it matters to your site

Week 9:

Fail to plan = plan to fail: create an editorial calendar.

Learning outcomes: Understand persona, the awareness cycle and how to use these paradigms to create an editorial calendar

Week 10:

Show and Tell: Launch your website

Learning outcomes: Demonstrate finished website to an audience.

More information from Rathmines College (PDF)

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