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May 15, 2019

Or rather online marketing podcasts I love

Love podcasts
Love podcasts

I keep a list of blogpost ideas or ideas for blog posts in my notebook. I mark the ideas according to where I plan to publish them. OH! if they will be published here and RS if they are going on One of these days… (my poor, neglected personal blog). As I scanned through the list today for some inspiration I saw “Podcasts I Love” with RS beside it. I was surprised to see that “RS” because I initially thought about all the online marketing and business podcasts that I listen to. I will update with a link when I do write a post for my personal blog about the Podcasts that I love. Don’t hold your breath – that will be a loooooong list!

“On this podcast I was listening to….”

There is no doubt I love podcasts. I tell my students in Rathmines College my current time spent listening to podcasts on Stitcher and it never fails to produce a gasp. At time of writing, I had been using Stitcher since 1 March 2014 and had consumed 657 hours and 46 minutes of podcasts.

And Stitcher is not even the only podcatcher that I use! Sometimes I use Spotify because I can mix music in there as well and I have used Apple’s app but it was terrible for podcasts so I stopped. I also very rarely use Podbean as some of my clients use it to cast their own pods from which I develop content for their other channels. So it should be no surprise, therefore, that many of my sentences begin with “On this podcast I was listening to…”

Late noughties

Back in the late noughties I even hosted and produced my own podcast along with Rosemary MacCabe. It was called The Rosie View and it was about what was on the telly box. We made the shortlist in the podcast category of the Irish Web Awards but ultimately couldn’t compete with the Arsenal fans voting for a podcast all about Arsenal. Rosemary has returned to podcasting in recent times and brilliantly hosts “How to be Sound”. I’d recommend you listen to her more recent work than The Rosie View…

Time, time, time

When do I get the time to listen to all these podcasts? Usually when I am doing housework or when I’m running (although I run faster with music! C.f. my running playlist on Spotify.) I also love to sit down in the evening or at the weekend with either my knitting or crochet and listen to a podcast or audiobook: it’s even better than yarning in front of the telly.

Weekly recommendations

Every week in my email to my Digital Marketing for Business students I recommend an episode of a podcast or a podcast series about an aspect of online marketing to my students. Initially I began sharing podcasts to assist my students who were in Ireland to improve their English, to keep the vocabulary on their ears throughout the week. However, I realised that there is so much valuable information that can be consumed nearly in the background.

Recently listening to one of the social media podcasts, Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner, a correspondent recommended Podchaser. Podchaser, as described by themselves, is”

The ultimate source of podcast information and tools.
Built with love, for podcast listeners and creators.

I thought this is perfect: a place for me to collect and update lists of my favourite podcasts. I regularly respond to and read pleas on social networks for new stuff for our ears so I thought this would surely simplify things and it does.

With that in mind I thought it was a good idea to share the list I have created for students of my favourite online marketing podcasts (so far). If there are any glaring omissions please let me know in the comments below! Always looking for new stuff for my earbuds.

Podchaser don’t seem to have an embeddable widget* yet but fingers crossed one is in the works. In the meantime here are six of the podcasts that I listed, pulled in via WordPress RSS widget.

*I did have a look around for a widget creator that would allow me to display this RSS list as a set of audio tracks. I found but it didn’t have a RSS widget that displayed as an audio player. However it did have lots of other great widgets so worth checking out if you are on the hunt for a customizable widget for videos or slideshows.

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