• TL:DR? Watch this video instead :) Now more than ever a blog is essential for any business. I have written previously about how your customers are using the internet for all manner of tasks. You can learn just about anything online now, book everything online, order all manner of services, you can even design custom fabric and get a pattern printed directly onto it and sent to you to sew. You can probably hire someone to sew it for you too! How do customers and clients find the products, services or contractors that they want? They use search and they use social referrals or finds. Think about your last five online purchases: what prompted you to purchase? When you think

    May 21,
    - by Roseanne
  • I keep a list of blogpost ideas or ideas for blog posts in my notebook. I mark the ideas according to where I plan to publish them. OH! if they will be published here and RS if they are going on One of these days... (my poor, neglected personal blog). As I scanned through the list today for some inspiration I saw "Podcasts I Love" with RS beside it. I was surprised to see that "RS" because I initially thought about all the online marketing and business podcasts that I listen to. I will update with a link when I do write a post for my personal blog about the Podcasts that I love. Don't hold your breath - that will be a loooooong list!
    Click through to the website to keep reading about how I listen to, find, organise and share my favourite podcasts.

    May 15,
    - by Roseanne