Magpie Week 32: the latest news in online marketing

Aug 10, 2018

A bank holiday weekend kicked of the week slowly here in Ireland but social media never stops. Here are some of the posts we read and shared on Twitter and Facebook this week.

“4 Top Networking Tools for social media” by Susan Gilbert. We like the look of Content Gems in particular

Snapchat Storytellers Is the App’s New Way of Connecting Brands and Influencers” I hate to admit it but once Instagram introduced Stories I began to shy away from Snapchat. Not many of my clients see the user demographics on the platform. This is an attitude I fear though and I welcome initiatives like this because it allows brands who are uncomfortable with the platform gain access through expert users.

56% of all UK and Irish consumers have exercised their #GDPR rights or are ready to do so. Most are turned off by the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, but they also have more mundane issues that bother them — like too much #Email Interesting to start seeing how the General Data Protection Regulation is effecting how consumers are managing their inboxes. Don’t know what GDPR is? There’s help for you yet!

Facebook’s Alleged Video Metrics Errors Amount To ‘Fraud,’ Marketers Claim This is a story I’ll be watching. From experience I have grave misgivings about the usefulness of YouTube as an advertising platform unless you are marketing to kids. The targeting is skewed by YouTube in a babysitting role. I have found Facebook to be more effective especially for targeted video ads. I’m curious to see how this pans out! 

12 Seconds is the average time people spend reading an email” Yikes! Some interesting insight from Alexandra Mocanu at Adestra.

Facebook-Owned Sites Drop Levels Of Digital Consumption One Implication is that you should ensure that your business has its own online hub. SorryNotSorry to be banging on about that…

71% of consumers prefer to discover brands themselves via channels such as friend’s recommendations, browsing in-store or online searches, than from traditional forms of push advertising, with endorsements acting as a valuable tool to spark discovery. Collect and share those testimonials, reviews and positive feedback. Another great way to leverage this is to run Facebook Ad campaigns to Friends of Fans or Twitter Ad Campaigns to the followers of your most vocal fans and followers.

“I don’t share these stories to suggest that social media and SEO aren’t important. They are. But dependency on any platform you can’t control is dangerous.” PREACH! Some stories from the trenches about weathering those online storms.

A **REALLY** indepth tutorial on how to use Facebook Ads to sell your #event on Facebook. As I mention in the comments on the article I also found to be a cost effective and useful platform for my clients. I also share another top tip in my comment. Great post. Really detailed. Another tip is if your company has a good relationship with venue and/or sponsor ask them to add you as an advertiser to their page until event is over. This way you can target your ad at their Page Fans or a subset who are also interested in the type of event you are running there. 

Lastly some good tips for #business #owners marketing on a #shoestring

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