Get GDPR ready by next week: Free 4 part Guide

May 02, 2018

Last week we wrote a blog post about getting your small business ready for compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It was based on our work with clients in helping them prepare for the big day on May 25th. It proved to be timely and extremely popular.

So we gathered up all the resources and the worksheets that we had developed for clients and put together a four-part guide for small business to help them prepare for GDPR. It is delivered via email as follows:

The Guide breaks down as follows:

  • Step 1: Reading tasks to help you understand what exactly the General Data Protection Regulation is, what it means for your company and, indeed, for you as an indvidual.
  • Step 2: An audit facilitated by a collection of worksheets will help you gather all the information you need about your company to assess whether you are GDPR ready (Spoiler alert: you probably mostly are – YAY!)
  • Step 3: Know your customer’s rights under GDPR. Thinking about how those rights could impact your business and whether you have systems and processes in place to help citizens exercise those rights.
  • Step 4: A worksheet that will help you document your system for responding to a Subject Access Request.

The Guide is delivered via email at two day intervals. Each interval should give you more than enough time to complete the tasks in the email. Therefore we hope you will be GDPR compliant in a week!

You can sign up online here and don’t worry you won’t be subscribed to marketing emails from us until Doomsday. We just need your email so we can send you the free four-part guide!

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