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Nov 14, 2017

Here in OnlineHub we love Facebook Advertising. We work with lots of clients, big and small, B2B and B2C, helping them convert customers, build brand awareness, generate leads and build email lists using Facebook. We’ve been getting pretty nerdy about it lately!

One thing that can act as an initial stumbling block when we are working with clients is that they haven’t yet started using Facebook Business Manager. This is a huge set of tools that Facebook has created for the business user to allow them to make the most out of their efforts on Facebook. Even if you are not planning on ever advertising on Facebook (we’ll have that chat another day) this interface gives you access to your business page without ever having to visit your personal news feed. So no more accidentally disappearing down a rabbit hole of doggo pics and life hack videos.

Why should I set up Business Manager?

If your business is growing, or you hope it is going to grow, you will need to give contractors and employees access to your Facebook page. However you may not want to give them permission to access all of your business information or you may only want to give them permission to post, advertise or analyse your company data. You may not want to give them access to all of your assets (images, videos, audiences, pixels etc). Business Manager allows you to control all of this.

Business Manager also allows you to keep your personal Facebook separate from your business Facebook. So if you have a company credit card or PayPal account, you can use these to pay for advertising on Facebook. This means if your company is registered for VAT and once you have input your VAT details, you will receive a VAT receipt.

So how do you set up Facebook Business Manager?

This is super easy. Visit which includes lots of info about using Business Manager. Click Create Account in the top right corner. Add some info about you and your company et voilá! you have set your company up in Business Manager.

You will note that you can include a company email address here: another way you can begin to separate your business and personal life.

If you have a number of companies/ passions in your life you can actually set up more than one business manager. I manage online marketing and advertising for the “family business” Jazz on the Terrace and I have a separate Business Manager account for that. Online Hub is a partner who has access to some of their resources. I don’t need to log in and out: each time I am working, I navigate to then I choose which business I am going to be managing. This allows me to keep my clients separate from each other as well. It’s a very good practice for voluntary organisations who rely on volunteers to manage their Facebook page. parkrun ireland do a great job managing the pages of each individual parkrun throughout Ireland (in a very hands off way!) but ultimately maintaining control should the need arise. This approach could be applied to any organisation with branches. Supervalu HQ could have done with exercising some of this control during the recent Hurricane Ophelia.

As a client working with a contractor, once you have setup Facebook Business Manager you can navigate to business settings and add employees and partners and give them permissions to access your advertising accounts, your pixels, your pages – it allows a lot more control than adding them as an admin to your Facebook page.

It takes a little getting used to, even for the most seasoned business Facebook user but it makes it far easier to share responsibilities with a team. Set yours up soon and let me know how you find it or give me a shout on if you need assistance.

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