Case study: Online Marketing & Communications for Eureka Hydrotherapy

Jun 10, 2015

This is an online marketing case study that reviews a project that was initiated in 2013. A large phase of the project went live in May 2015. This case study examines the steps taken during that time.

The Client:

Eureka Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic service started in 2005 by Aileen Convery, a qualified physiotherapist and former Olympic Swimmer.

While Eureka Hydrotherapy offers a range of therapeutic services, antenatal hydrotherapy has become a specialised area for Convery.

The issue:

Convery was conscious that a massive change had occurred in her market’s use of online in the 10 years since she had set up her business. The existing brochure site and her use of other communications tools needed to be re-evaluated in light of this. .

During the course of our project scoping conversations we discussed

  • The existing site: strengths and weaknesses;
  • Past and current communications and marketing strategies;
  • Aspirations for Eureka Hydrotherapy in general and online in particular;
  • Resources available to Eureka Hydrotherapy.

Eureka Hydrotherapy wished to develop a site that would be easier to update and which might also include blog-like functionality. This site could include similar sections to the current site but also allow for registration and payments for classes and courses.

Eureka Hydrotherapy wished to create a site that was interactive, dynamic, allowed content management, that would be SEO friendly and, at the very least, allow Eureka Hydrotherapy a baseline for future investment decisions.

In addition to developing this site Eureka Hydrotherapy initially wished to formulate a marketing and communications strategy that encompassed some or all of the following:

  • the site itself
  • marketing and communications strategy to encompass
    • email marketing
    • social media marketing
    • online advertising
    • mobile marketing/ SMS communications


The solution:

Being a strong proponent of the WordPress Content Management System I advised the creation of a simple WordPress site that, with the addition of a few plugins, would allow Eureka Hydrotherapy to manage a site more easily, to display upcoming classes and take bookings for them.

In order to keep costs low and the design simple I created a child theme of the standard Twenty Twelve theme that comes with WordPress. I added and tweaked a few key elements to give it a more unique feel and to improve user experience.

I installed a number of standard plugins (e.g. Akismet, Jetpack, AddThis suite)  but also included the premium version of the powerful Events Manager to manage bookings, locations and recurring events. This integrates well with Contact Form 7 and Flamingo to create a simple but effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management System). This allows to offer classes to clients based on

  • Date
  • Location
  • Availability

It also offers booking forms and allowed huge flexibility when it came to Eureka Hydrotherapy’s unique requirements for its antenatal classes in particular.

Due to resource constraints online marketing and communications strategy and implementation are on hold. While clients can register for classes it was decided not to foray into online payment at this point: Convery was conscious of her clients’ state of uncertainty due to their condition and felt it was unfair to ask them to prepay.

The result:

The site as finally delivered is clear and uncluttered. Eureka Hydrotherapy’s clients can now book classes as required and can undertake other administrative tasks associated with their therapy online as well.

With the additional content from both the blog and the individual events, SEO is vastly improved. The use of a child of the standard WordPress theme also means that the site is mobile friendly. Although this was not required in the original project specification it allows the site to remain current with the recent changes to Google’s algorithm. These changes give priority to mobile friendly sites in its search engine results page (SERP). The mobile friendly nature of also responds to the historical and ongoing data in the site’s analytics that shows 65% of visits from mobile or tablet devices.

I garnered this knowledge from Google Analytics which I installed on the original brochure site when I initially started working with This allowed us to keep an eye on the performance of the new site once it did go live.

I also developed a manual for to allow Convery and her staff to acquaint themselves with the content management system. I remain on standby to deal with any queries.

Next steps:

As regards site development we are currently assessing a third party booking and registration systems that would allow staff at EurekaHydrotherapy to work completely electronically and from their mobile devices.

In terms of marketing, would advise to continue building on this solid foundation. This could be done through two key areas:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing

EurekaHydrotherapy has, over the last ten years, amassed contact details for a huge client-base. While not all clients will remain interested in some of Convery’s niche offerings, the fact that they have moved to another stage allows room for Convery to diversify her product offering. A carefully executed email marketing campaign in conjunction with a survey could reveal an untapped market. It could also allow her to hone and segment her database and share content tailored to their interests.

The site is social ready and so a key next step would be to carve out a space on two specific social networks, namely Facebook and Pinterest. Because of the company’s focus on women’s fitness in particular these two networks are key. As part of this development I would propose working with on:

  • User personas: defining stakeholders and understanding their priorities, obstacles, buying processes and criteria for purchase;
  • Content strategy and development;
  • A social media publishing calendar;
  • Online advertising strategy and implementation;
  • Collaboration strategies.

Ultimately the key thing in today’s busy online world is to maintain your brand’s visibility. However, by being useful, thought-provoking and engaging, your stakeholders will look forward to seeing and being engaged by the brand.


“Working with OnlineHub has been a rewarding and educational experience.  Roseanne has had to be very patient/supportive to get this website delivered, as I have no experience in media/social media, .  I have only just started a facebook page, 12 years after launch, and only because I have to!!  Roseanne was always very responsive.” – Aileen Convery, May 2015

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