Friday treat: have a hashtag or, indeed, an octothorpe

Mar 13, 2015

I love podcasts. For a while I even presented and produced one all about what’s on the telly box. Some people thought it was good enough to make it to the final of the Podcasting Category of the Irish Web Awards some time in the distant past. I really enjoyed making it because it gave me a great excuse to watch all kinds of television, good, bad and downright ugly.

Nowadays however, I’m on the other side of the fence: I’m an avid listener.. I do wish I could podcast again so please watch this space. As I said in last week’s post it’s all about repurposing content for other media! I’m planning a post with a round-up of podcasts that examine online communications and marketing well for those of you who also enjoy listening to podcasts.

Back to today’s treat. You guessed it: I’m sharing a podcast I love with you. I wrote a post a while back full of tips and best practice advice for using Hashtags in your online strategy, much of which still holds true. But did you know that the official name for what we call hashtag, or once upon a time, the number sign, and North Americans call the pound sign is actually called an octothorpe in typography? I learned this when listening to the Roman Mars’ excellent podcast 99% Invisible. You can listen via iTunes or my current favourite podcast iOS and browser app, Stitcher. In fact it was thanks to the suggestions that Stitcher makes based on my listening that I happened upon 99% Invisible.


99% Invisible is a podcast that investigates the designed world around us. How many of the objects and artefacts that we take for granted, that are 99% invisible, came into being. I’ve heard about Teddy Bears and Billy Possums, Moonlight Towers, Mascots and Vexilloligists. For me, this podcast proves that there is a story in everything and with the right treatment, care and passion even the most mundane and invisible can become extraordinary. An idea worth considering when you are using content as part of your business strategy, right?!

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