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My customers don't use the internet
5 Tips to create a content calendar for your business

My Big Fat Web Summit Experience: Days 1 & 2

Last week I spent two mornings at what may be the last ever Dublin Web Summit. I was gifted a ticket by Pauline Sargent for my work on DigiWomen. I didn't know I was going until last week so I didn't have or need to have a ...

Case study: Online Marketing & Communications for Eureka Hydrotherapy

This is an online marketing case study that reviews a project that was initiated in 2013. A large phase of the project went live in May 2015. This case study examines the steps taken during that time. The Client: Eureka ...

Is your content mobile friendly?

Most of the world survived it. #Mobilegeddon has happened but like nuclear fallout it may take a while for your business to feel the repercussions. It's not too late for your business to respond to this development in search ...