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5 Tips to create a content calendar for your business

Measure for measure

My take aways from #measurement16, an annual conference run by Mulley Communications on the thorny issue of measuring online. A quick post to share some of the wisdom I garnered at this year's MeasurementConf. This annual ...

Snapchat image by Adam Przezdziek https://flic.kr/p/rLk6Z9

My month of living Snappily: A Snapchat case study and tips

One of my New Year's resolutions was to network more. So I joined the LEO Dublin Women's Business Network. My first meeting as a fully paid up member was January which kicked off on a suitably go get em note with Breda ...

My Big Fat Web Summit Experience: Days 1 & 2

Last week I spent two mornings at what may be the last ever Dublin Web Summit. I was gifted a ticket by Pauline Sargent for my work on DigiWomen. I didn't know I was going until last week so I didn't have or need to have a ...